5 Reasons You Should Eat Breakfast

We’ve all heard “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. But it may not always be top of mind, or maybe you aren’t sure why it’s so important.  We get it- life is crazy as it is and eating a balanced, healthy breakfast is not on today’s task list.  We got a simple solution for that “glow up” we ALL need to make it a great day – start your day off with milk! It’s an easy source of nutrition and the perfect food to use as the base to break your fast from the night before. It’s science people. Check out these facts about why putting your health first starts when you wake up and choose a balanced breakfast! 

Thanks to science, here’s five reasons why we definitely shouldn’t skip it:  

1. Being hangry is not a good look y’all…

SCIENCE SAYS: Protein at breakfast can help you feel full and satisfied so you may not be hungry before lunch time. Every glass of milk contains 8 grams of high-quality protein per 8-ounce glass along with 8 more essential nutrients, including calcium  and B vitamins. DANG! What an easy way to boost your nutrition. Try milk as a latte or smoothie  for a get out the door breakfast. Other dairy foods such as yogurt and cheese are also sources of protein to add to the wake-up menu (whenever that may be😉). After all who can learn and be nice when they’re hangry? 

2. Your first meal of the day helps prevent smelly breath… 

SCIENCE SAYS: While we are sleeping our saliva dries up, which allows bacteria to build up and cause smelly breath! Yikes. We gotchu though, because eating and drinking helps increase saliva flow and mitigate that stench LOL.

3. Students who eat breakfast may have more ENERGY so they can pay better attention.

SCIENCE SAYS: Attention, problem-solving skills and behavior tend to be better in those who eat breakfast. A full stomach means you will have lasting energy to make it through the day without losing focus. After all, who can focus with a rumbly tummy?

4. Skipping breakfast means you probably will not get the calcium, Vitamin D and other important nutrients for strong bones. We guess most of you are not worrying about having children or planning for your retirement but guess what, your bones must be built now, so calci-up! When you skip meals it is next to impossible to make up those missed nutrients you need later.

SCIENCE SAYS: When a simple breakfast includes a whole grain serving, a dairy serving and a fruit or vegetable serving, you can increase your intake of important nutrients such as calcium, fiber and protein. A.k.a. MORE NUTRITION! Research shows breakfast eaters have more nutritious diets and tend to be leaner than breakfast skippers. 

5. If I skip breakfast I will cut calories…which is no bueno!

SCIENCE SAYS: Healthy habits start when you wake up (whether it’s 6 am or 2 pm- no judgement). Breakfast eaters tend to make better foods choices throughout the day and that just means good vibes overall don’t you think? 

Out of excuses? Do something for YOU during your wake-up routine and make a balanced breakfast! We’ve got some recipe ideas for you: