How is Milk Local?

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Did you know most of the fresh, wholesome milk you buy in Michigan comes from Michigan? Yup, you read that right. Whether it’s gallons of milk, your fav cheese or yummy yogurt, many dairy foods in Michigan grocery stores are local. Pretty cool, right?

With over 1,200 dairy farms throughout the state it’s no wonder that milk is one of the leading segments of agriculture here! On top of that, there are nearly 90 dairy processing plants in Michigan. So, while they bottle milk into different size containers, they also process cheese, ice cream, yogurt, canned lattes, sports drinks, butter and dry powdered milk. From dairy farm to the grocery store, the journey of milk takes just 48 hours.

Who knew the dairy community was so cool? Well, now you do. They help provide safe, high-quality milk and dairy products for us to enjoy every day.

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