What’s Conquer with Milk about? Celebrating the very best of you. The adventure, determination, friendship and passion that gets you through your day. And—making sure you’re strong enough for it all.

Life can be one big challenge.
Or a series of small ones, depending on how you look at it.

But you know what?


How? With milk.

Right? Sounds so cheesy. (ha ha—pun intended.) Turns out milk is a world-conquering and utterly amazing part of your diet. Simply put, dairy is the best source of bone-building nutrients. And you need more of it. Lots more. You need tons! Because right now—right this very minute—your bones are growing at an amazing speed. That means you could be at higher risk for fractures if you don’t get enough nutrients in your diet. And THAT would put a damper on being awesome. (See, your mom was serious when she said you should drink your milk.)

Milk has a few more magical ways of helping you be your best, too. Warm milk at the end of your day can relieve the day’s stress. Consider it a little reset button for when life gets tough. Plus, it’s a really important part of a balanced diet, which is the easiest way to maintain a healthy weight. (Ooooh, also! Dairy is ingredient number one in about a thousand delish and powerful smoothies, so there you go. Breakfast? Done.)

Anyway—being healthy and strong on the inside means you’re at your best when it’s time to conquer your day.


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