Online Learning Tips to Conquer in the Classroom

We are all in the same storm, be we are not all in the same boat. Every person you meet has had this pandemic affect them in different ways. The best we can do is to find our own ways to Conquer. And that’s why we broke down for you a few ways you can do that to live your best life and be your best self!

Be Positive

  • Life is tough and we ALL are learning as we go.
  • “Control your controllables” – Lindsay Tarpley, US Olympic 2-time Gold medalist
  • Right now we can’t control the world we are living in, BUT we can control how it impacts us. Take each day one at a time. It’s all about the attitude!

Set your Stage

  • Designate a learning space at home that’s conducive to staying focused. Separate workspace from fun space to ensure you have a space for productivity AND for breaks, relaxation, and fun.
  • Make sure it fits YOU! We’re all different and can be productive in different ways.
  • Set your schedule – just like you move from class to class; move from subject to subject – and don’t forget to schedule breaks in there!  Zoom calls the new norm? Get crafty with virtual backgrounds.

Be Flexible

  • Each day is going to look different and our mindset may be different from day to day. That’s okay! We’re all learning as we go and there’s no perfect answer.
  • Full house with your sibs and parents? Try a rotation schedule to share learning spaces throughout the day.  
  • Bad days are bound to happen, but tomorrow is a new day! Embrace those new days with a clean slate.

Set Goals

  • To accomplish great things in life, we must set goals.
  • Put goals in writing and post the list where you’ll see it often (visual reminders in your designated learning space! Who loves colorful post-its?!).

Tap into those Resources

  • We’re all learning this new way of life together. If you need help, ask! Now more than ever communication is GOLD.
  • Your teachers are there to help you. Raise that hand in virtual classrooms; pick up the phone and call; or shoot that email even if you’ve already asked once. Gain clarification. They don’t know you need help unless you ask – and they want you to ask!
  • Bring your parents back to old school. Cue: Parents, do you remember this Quadratic equation?!
  • Get creative! Use this time to become innovative – what is your vision to make things better? An open mind is a beautiful thing; what can you create with a blank canvas?

Stay Healthy

  • Now more than ever we’re in front our phones, computers and TV. Be sure to schedule time to move! Set an alarm to get up and dance every hour! Take the dog on an extra walk, stretch it out, do an extra lap around the house before heading to the kitchen for a smoothie pick me up, or refilling that tumbler.
  • Start your day with a healthy breakfast to get that brainpower going! DYK many schools are serving breakfast?!
  • Try new recipes at home – host an at-home virtual version of Chopped with your friends with pantry staples like milk, bread, and fruit!
  • Schedule time to exercise with friends virtually – boost your mood and energy and brainpower and enjoy it with your friends – check out free online fitness resources!


We don’t have the answers right now. We’re in a world we could never imagine living in. Take it one subject at a time, one day at a time. Be sure to rest, stay active, and fuel your body well. We can do this.