Nutrition Tips to Fuel Your Success

Does fueling for your sport seem super overwhelming at times? Yeah, we know. But, don’t worry because we gotchu. Here are some tips to fuel your success in everything you do in and outside of your athletic life:

  • Training starts every day with breakfast. Eating regularly throughout the day ensures your body will be fueled for peak performance. If you aren’t hungry before you leave home, grab something to eat at school or between your first and second class, like yogurt and fruit or overnight oats. No time to make breakfast at home? Try school breakfast!
  • Plan ahead. What is on your agenda for the day? Eating 3 meals and 3 snacks is a good place to start. Pack snacks like a sandwich, fruit, cheese and crackers, yogurt and/or chocolate milk for between classes and before and after practice in a small cooler bag with an ice pack to make sure you are prepared.

Allison Schmitt (3x Olympic swimmer and gold medalist) sure knows how to plan ahead πŸ˜‰

  • Stay hydrated throughout the day. Are you thirsty? Drink fluids regularly throughout the day. Have a glass of milk with meals and water in between meals. What color is your urine? Small amounts of dark urine might mean you are dehydrated. Urine should be the color of lemonade.
  • Plan for Recovery. Within 30-45 minutes of a workout, have a small snack or drink with carbs and protein for the best recovery. Try a chocolate milk or a smoothie. Within 2-3 hours, have a meal based on the Macros to MyPlate.
  • Catch some Zzzzz’s. Sleep is an important part of training.A consistent sleep schedule is important – you need 7-10hours every night to recover mentally and physically for the next day.

For more info on how to build your plate check out this chart or visit